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Our Philosophy is that Yoga is For Everyone!

With classes for all levels from novice to pro,

Yoga Rocks Dallas is here to support you in your journey to:


⚡Evolve Your Practice

⚡ Find Your Zen

⚡ Unleash Your Potential


✅  Increases flexibility

✅  Increases muscle tone and strength

✅  Improves athletic performance

✅  Prevents injuries and heals old ones

✅  Promotes weight loss

✅  Enhances sleep quality

✅  Decreases stress and chronic pain

✅  Relieves anxiety and depression

Health Benefits of Infrared Heat

🔥  Improves lymph circulation and blood flow

🔥  Increases immune function and wound healing recovery

🔥  Eliminates body toxins and purifies your skin

🔥  Decreases pain and inflammation

🔥  Increase range of motion and flexibility

🔥  Promotes muscle relaxation and muscle recovery

🔥  Burns more calories, resulting in weight loss

🔥  Relieves anxiety and depression


Far-infrared radiant heat is super good for your body!

It's therapeutic, deeply penetrating and detoxifying.

And did you know that it's also good for the planet?

It's the most efficient and healthy heating system available, helping to kill certain harmful bacteria and parasites.  In the yoga room, electricity is  converted into radiant heat that warms the body from within. 

It's like being in the sunshine.


⚡Always show up 10–15 Minutes Early!  Get your spot and settle in.

⚡Keep away from heavy perfumes/colognes. It can cause allergic reactions.

⚡Always wear appropriate attire.  Keep the essentials covered.

⚡If you are sick please stay home.  Practice Self-care and get better.

⚡Be that kind yogi that offers to adjust their mat to make space for the student looking for a spot.  Because Kindness is so Gangster!

⚡Stay with the poses being offered and modify them as needed.  Inquire with the Teacher before or after class if you have any questions or need clarity.

⚡Stay through final Savasana. This is essential for the mind/body connection.  

If you must leave early inform the Teacher and set up by the door for a quiet exit.


This class is based on the Original set of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, it focuses on the 6 major spinal movements. You will build stamina and increase your flexibility, leaving you feeling more balanced physically and mentally.  


All levels of experience are welcomed.

60 Minutes: Set to a soothing soundtrack

90 Minutes: Silent

105 degrees F

Humidity: 40%

HOT 26.2

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