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In 2009, Tanya began her spiritual yoga journey/transformation. Since then, she has developed a profound respect for her practice and the impact/influence it has had on her overall happiness/life/ other aspects of her life. During her career in the yoga world/as a Yogi, she has learned the importance of growth through movement and the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Tanya has completed her Teacher Training in Malibu and has participated in several workshops across North America to cultivate her craft/proficiency with a focus on nutrition and wellbeing. Yoga is her passion and it has helped her establish her authenticity while shedding the layers of her ego.

In addition to yoga, she is a certified nutritionist and completed a double degree in Psychology and Business at York University. When Tanya isn’t teaching yoga she likes to spend her time traveling or out exploring in nature. Tanya plans on utilizing her practice and education to enhance the overall wellbeing and awareness of people by connecting their mind, body, and soul.

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