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Jillian Adams-Romano
Jillian Adams-Romano

I took my first class when I was 15 years old and hated it! But it was the only form of fitness my doctor told me I could do. I practiced off and on until I had my daughter in 2007. In 2008, I took my first Bikram yoga class, and I fell in love! I did terrible; I sat down for over half the class. However, by the end I finished without leaving the room. As a beginner of yoga, it became my spring board and passion. In 2016, I took my first OHY training. Then finally was in a place I could fall in love with vinyasa yoga. In 2017, I got my first vinyasa training. In 2020, I took my first step towards my advanced Hot Yoga training. I love yoga so much, and I was born to teach. It is my passion! I plan on continuing in education forever and hope to be someone that helps others on their journey towards wellness and balance.

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